Delaware hosts a wide variety of programs to allow citizens to get involved with the preparation, response, and recovery of disasters.  Each of these programs is affiliated with the developer of PrepareDE, Delaware Citizen Corps.  Quarterly, Delaware Citizen Corps conducts a meeting with each of these partners to review potential opportunities for Delawareans to get involved in disaster services and to become better prepared.

Citizen Corps is a United States national service program under the jurisdiction of the Department of Homeland Security that seeks to mobilize the population of the country against threats to national security as well as to assist in the recovery after a disaster or terrorist attack. Created within months of the September 11, 2001 attacks, the program sought in part to encourage volunteer participation in homeland security. Citizen Corps, a component of USA Freedom Corps, was developed to help coordinate such volunteer activities and to increase the capacity of American communities to respond to any emergency situation. The program's goal is to provide opportunities for people to participate in a range of measures to make their families, their homes, and their communities safer from the threats of crime, terrorism, and disasters of all kinds. Citizen Corps encourages citizens to engage in a number of activities to help prepare themselves and their communities: Personal Preparedness: Developing a household preparedness plan and disaster supplies kits, observing home health and safety practices, implementing disaster mitigation measures, and participating in crime prevention and reporting. Training: Taking classes in emergency preparedness, response capabilities, first aid, CPR, fire suppression, and search and rescue procedures. Volunteer Service: Engaging individuals in volunteer activities that support first responders, disaster relief groups, and community safety organizations. The program consists of five national programs in which communities may establish local councils: Community Emergency Response Teams (CERT), Fire Corps, Neighborhood Watch, Medical Reserve Corps, or the Volunteers in Police Program.  To learn more about how to get involved with Citizen Corps, please visit us at http://www.delawarecitizencorps.org

We can be reached 24 hours a day to help local families when disaster strikes and to help local military families communicate during emergencies. We teach our neighbors lifesaving skills such as first aid, CPR and water safety. We train you free of charge in disaster preparedness. We install Lifeline monitors to give you the confidence and freedom to live on your own. All this would not be possible without your valuable contributions of your talents, time and financial contributions. Thank you! For more than 100 years, the Red Cross has partnered with you, and we now serve 1 million people in nine counties in Delaware and the Eastern Shore of Maryland. Help us make your community one of the safest places to live, work and raise our families.  To learn more about the Red Cross of Delmarva visit their website at http://www.redcrossdelmarva.org

The State Office of Volunteerism (SOV) is Delaware's primary resource for volunteerism and national service. SOV provides statewide leadership for the promotion and encouragement of volunteerism to persons of all ages, and coordinates a variety of volunteer events, including: The Governor's Outstanding Volunteer Awards, and the Governor's Youth Volunteer Service Awards. The State Office of Volunteerism provides coordination and linkages with volunteer programs throughout the state, hosts a Volunteer Service Conference, and manages four direct volunteer service programs.

RSVP, a program of the Corporation for National and Community Service, is the largest organized senior volunteer effort in the nation. We recruit and place adults who are at least 55 years of age in volunteer positions at local non-profit, public and governmental agencies. This successful matching of thousands of volunteers with various organizations in Delaware has been ongoing for over 34 years. RSVP is sponsored by the State of Delaware in New Castle County and Sussex County.

To learn more about the State Office of Volunteerism and Retired and Senior Volunteer Program, please visit their website at http://dhss.delaware.gov/dhss/dssc/sov/  

In the event of an unfortunate disaster or incident, a mobile Salvation Army canteen of volunteers and emergency professionals respond to provide food, beverages and other miscellaneous services to victims, relief workers, police, fire fighters and emergency personnel.  From its inception, The Salvation Army has relied heavily on volunteers who support it's programs. Often referred to as "the army behind The Army," volunteers play a crucial role The Salvation Army's ability to provide quality social services for the entire community.  Volunteers are valuable assets in The Salvation Army's efforts to meet the changing needs of our world. Through the skills and experience they bring to The Army, volunteers make significant contributions to society by positively impacting the lives of those they assist. Salvation Army volunteers change lives, uplift families and support communities throughout our nation everyday.  Discover the joy of giving back to your community: become a Salvation Army volunteer TODAY! Thank you for exploring the many opportunities to help those in need and enhance your community as a volunteer within The Salvation Army.  To learn more about the Salvation Army, visit their website at http://www.salvationarmydelaware.org/

The mission of the DVFA is to serve, promote, advocate, coordinate, represent, and support the interests of the member Companies in the performance of providing community based Fire, Rescue, Emergency Medical, and other emergency response related services to the citizens of the State of Delaware. Delaware volunteer departments are always looking for new members to help support emergency services within the State.  To learn more or to join a fire department, please visit their website at: http://dvfassn.com/join.cfm

DEVOAD is a humanitarian association of independant voluntary organizations who may be active in all phases of disaster. Its mission is to foster efficient, streamlined service delivery to people affected by disaster, while eliminating unnecessary duplication of effort, through cooperation in the four phases of disaster: preparation, response, recovery, and mitigation.  The Delaware VOAD came about in much the same way. In 2003, Tropical Storm Henri and Hurricane Isabel damaged several homes in the state. More than 200 families in Delaware were affected. Organizations and agencies came together to help these families. Since then, the Delaware VOAD has served in several catastrophic events including:
· Flooding in Seaford
· Flooding in Elsmere
· Flooding in Newark
· An apartment building fire in Wilmington
· A tornado in New Castle County
· Hurricane Katrina relief
If your organization, agency, service group or church includes disaster response as part of its mission, then you should be a part of the Delaware VOAD.